By | May 3, 2018

IRVING, TX — The Boy Scouts of America’s namesake program for older kids is dropping the "Boy" part of its name in favor something a little more inclusive and gender-neutral. The organization announced on Wednesday that the program currently known as the Boy Scouts will be renamed "Scouts BSA."

The change, announced Wednesday, will go into effect in February 2019.

"As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in Scouting in every way possible. That is why it is important that the name for our Scouting program for older youth remain consistent with the single name approach used for the Cub Scouts," said Michael Surbaugh, Chief Scout Executive of the BSA.

The Boy Scouts program serves kids ages 11 to 17.

The national organization will keep its name as Boy Scouts of America.

The organization also unveiled its new "Scout Me In" campaign, where girls and boys will be able to become Cub Scouts for the first time.

"Cub Scouts is a lot of fun, and now it’s available to all kids," said Stephen Medlicott, National Marketing Group Director of the BSA. "That’s why we love ‘Scout Me In’ – because it speaks to girls and boys and tells them, ‘This is for you. We want you to join!’"

All kids will be allowed to join beginning this summer, the organization said in a release. More than 3,000 girls have already enrolled in the organization’s Early Adopter Program and are participating in Cub Scouts ahead of the full launch later this year.

The Cub Scouts program serves kids ages 7 to 10.

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