From Cowboys history to single family homes, developer plans to transform Valley Ranch

VALLEY RANCH, Texas — The Star in Frisco is a glittering symbol of the Dallas Cowboys future, that would not be possible without the team’s past. Valley Ranch was home for the Boy’s five Super Bowl wins, where it became America’s team. But today it sits empty.

So what could come of this hallowed ground? A sign alerting neighbors of a change of zoning that showed up in recent weeks was the first clue. We learned Developer Merhdad Moyedi is close to closing on the property.

"It’s kind of a village product with three different types of housing, but they’re all owned single-family housing," he said.

Moyedi is with Centurion American, and the company aims to turn it into Irving’s newest neighborhood. Designs call for modern villas, townhomes and bungalows to blend in with the neighborhoods next door. And Moyedi, a Cowboy fan himself, says it will honor the history made here.

"We’re naming it ‘Legends Crossing’ and the street names are named after Cowboy legends," said Moyedi. "We’re preserving all the stone off the old building and building our entryway’s and stuff out of it, so we’re preserving it the best we can."

Irving’s Planning and Zoning Committee reviewed the plans May 21. City Council could give final approval to this sometime in June. If so, Moyedi says construction would begin later this summer.

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